Multi-language Support for Estimates & Invoices


We’re working hard making Sprout Invoices work in your language and more. Earlier this week we pushed out 1.0.1 with better support for internationalization support and to improve localization support we’ve created a translators group. If interested in translating Sprout Invoices or any of our Apps don’t hesitate to register their or contact us directly.

In a future update of Sprout Invoices (possibly out already) there will be a new option to select a template for the specific invoice or estimate. The idea of custom templates per document might not entice you but just imagine these possibilities:

  • New client templates
  • Templates based on a client
  • A template for overdue invoices
  • Templates for different languages!

Check it out in action below…


If you end up using custom templates for something unique let us know. We would love to hear them all.

This is an exciting feature for us and we believe is a major step for awesome multi-language support. In the future I’ll share how it’s possible to have a single document support multiple languages, that way you can provide multiple languages for a single invoice and/or estimate to your clients.