Help Scout Desk – WordPress Support Plugin


We changed our support system from a custom WordPress plugin for support tickets to Help Scout and we ended up building Help Scout Desk in the process.

There were a lot of reasons why we switched from an integrated support system within our site to an e-mail support system; the primary reason was to improve response times for our customers. Help Scout doesn’t only improve our support workflow, it reduces the barrier of communication becuase it doesn’t require that anyone login to and navigate to the help desk. Instead they can email support directly, without having to login.

However, we didn’t want their support history to be lost in your mailbox trash/archive and that’s where Help Scout Desk comes in.

Help Scout Desk provides us with a new help desk: the initial view shows your support conversations with us and an option to create a new support ticket directly from the account support page; in the conversation view the entire conversation is shown, github gists are dynamically embeded, and a new reply can be added without having you find the email thread that may have been lost.

Here’s a quick look at how Help Scout Desk integrates within our support system.

We’ve had some great feedback already about our support and our Help Scout Desk can be credited for a lot of it. If you’re using Help Scout for support and you’re running a WordPress site–integrate the two now with Help Scout Desk.