New & Improved WooCommerce Integrations for Sprout Invoices v13


Today is the day for Sprout Invoices v13, and it brings some minor tweaks to improve your workflow and major changes for WooCommerce integrations.

Those minor tweaks…

Notification status indicators

Alongside the status option for invoices (and estimates) is a new notification status indicator. The ❗️indicates that a notification has not yet been sent, the crossed out ? indicates that the invoice (or estimate) notification was sent but the document has not yet been viewed, the green ? means that the notification was sent and the document viewed. A simple change that should help us all out a lot.

Below are the three new indicators in action…


Digital Signature Add-on

While this new digital signatures add-on is not bundled in all pro version of Sprout Invoices (it is FREE for Business License holders), I’ve snuck the announcement of it into the v13 release post for Sprout Invoices because without v13 this add-on wouldn’t be available. The latest update brought some new template hooks, which were necessary for digital signatures of your invoices and estimates to work.

Below is a demo of how an invoice being signed and paid for, and you can read more about it on it’s add-on page.

Use WooCommerce to process payments for your Sprout Invoices! 

WooCommerce Payment Processing

WooCommerce has over a 140 payment processors, which is 100+ more payment processors than I will ever want to build and support, so I thought why not use WooCommerce to pay off outstanding invoices.

Here’s a walkthrough of the process, below you’ll see how your clients would pay:

After the checkout is complete an order will be created. 1


As soon as the order within WooCommerce is marked as complete (which could be instantly) a payment is created within Sprout Invoices and tied to the invoice. Below shows some detail on these new WooCommerce payments.


Pretty basic and awesome at the same time!

WooCommerce Tools

All WooCommerce add-ons are now bundled up into a single tool set for all pro license holders.

Hope I’ve provided some great news to help you enjoy your week. Cheers!


  1. Depending on the payment gateway your client choses and your settings for WooCommerce an order might be marked as pending, above shows how an order would be marked as complete.