New Partial Payments and Deposits, and Provide Estimates with Cost Ranges in v19


Now that the kids are back in school we’ve been able to do a lot more, well at least we’re able to focus more without all the noise ?. I hope your summer went well and Chris and I would love to hear about how you used Sprout Invoices over the summer, if you’d like to share head over to our Facebook group.

Today we’re releasing v19 of Sprout Invoices, it includes two major features that I’m hoping you love as much as our beta testers. Here they are…

Estimate Ranges

Now you can set a range for your estimate line items, showing a min/max amount to your clients. This is a great way to give your client an estimate for your services/products/etc. without having to show a defined total.


The range is based on a percentage you’ll enter for each line item (after activating the add-on of course). That percentage will be used to calculate the min/max automatically on your estimate template. In the above example 10% is used for the Task line item (total is $100), and 20% is used for the Service line item (total is $500). This range allows for your estimates to have accurate totals on the backend, providing no interruption in your customized workflows of generating invoices from estimates that are accepted.

Deposits and Partial Payments

We’ve heard your concerns about how partial payments have worked and we completely re-wrote the add-on, adding a new admin and totally different client experience. Below you’ll see the option to set a deposit (that is due now), an option to change the due date after the deposit payment(s) are made, and an option to set the minimum payment allowed.

Ever want to allow your client a way to make multiple deposit payments, now you can with Sprout Invoices! And after they do make those deposit payment(s) the invoice’s due date can changed automatically for the balance remaining.

Here’s the new client experience for partial payments. You’ll see that it’s an entirely different UI that allows for easy choice of the payments.

Those are the two major features of v19. Hope you and your clients appreciate them.

As always if you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to let us know.


TL;DR Full Update List

  • New: A lot of change to how Partial Payments and Deposits works. They’re now an add-on that can be enabled/disabled.
  • New: Estimate Ranges Add-on
  • New: Manual recurring/payment-receipts creation
  • New: Estimate expiration shortcode
  • Fix: Payment Term notification shortcodes
  • Fix: Payment Term notification status