New Basic Theme and More Client Meta


A lot of news has been thrown your way over the last couple weeks. First it was v19 and the new partial payments add-on for Sprout Invoices, then the major news of how Sprout Apps is going away and being replaced by Sprout Invoices, and how we added a new product ambassador.

I hope it shows we’re moving fast. This urgency to add new features and sharpening Sprout Invoices is all for your new fiscal year. Our hope is to make this time of year enjoyable and easy. Here’s how we’re accomplishing that this month…

Sprout Invoices has a new theme!

The new Basic theme is a bold redesign of the Default theme.

Bold New Invoice Theme


Have a look at it in action below.


Phone and Fax

Phone numbers were always available via Sprout Clients but we now understand how annoying it was to download another plugin just for something so simply. So now you’re able to add a client’s phone and/or fax without having to download another plugin or add a custom filter.

We figured your own company may have a phone number of fax too 😉 so we added those options to your company info as well.


That’s it?

Yes, that’s all the major news for this release. Enjoy!