Tutorial on How to Create Invoices from a Custom Submission Form (Gravity Forms)


Sprout Invoices has two add-ons that allow it to integrate with the most popular WordPress forms. Those add-ons are:

  1. Advanced Form Integrations: Ninja Forms, Formidable, & GravityFormsUse your premium plugin based form to start the lead process by creating an estimate.
  2. Dynamic Invoice Submissions from GravityForms, Ninja Forms, & Formidable. Allows for the user to select from your Pre-defined Line Items to create an invoice.

Even though these add-ons cover a lot of use cases, they don’t handle every type of form. Those forms with conditional logic need to have integrations with conditional logic that match. A recently published tutorial 1 shows how to handle such forms.

Here’s the form the tutorial uses as an example.

gravity forms conditional logic invoicing

Here’s that same form in action. Notice after submission the lead is redirected to a new invoice, allowing for payment.

gravity forms conditional logic invoicing redirect


  1. Accessible to paid license holders.