New Zapier Integration, New Recurring Invoices, and More Updates included in Sprout Invoices v16


Earlier this week I was able to decorate for Halloween ? (which is one of our favorite family holidays) with cobwebs everywhere inside and outside of the house, which is nice because I can ignore the real webs surrounding the outside of our house now. Why am I mentioning this? Well, before the latest release of Sprout Invoices there were admittedly a few cobwebs that were being ignored, including the Zapier integration and Recurring Invoicing. Two cornerstone features that simply needed a lot of attention for improvement, turns out a re-write for these were necessary.

Zapier Integration

Connect with over 500 Apps and Automate Workflows

Integrate with over 500 other apps around the web, including Quickbooks Online, Trello, and Woocommerce. A great example of this integration is creating a Basecamp project after an estimate is approved.

If you’re currently using Zapier please upgrade to the latest app (if not already migrated).

Recurring Invoices

Recurring Invoices provides a way for you to generate invoices on a schedule, an important feature if you’re using Sprout Billings (since auto billing depends on recurring invoices).

The updates make it easier to manage your recurring invoices, even after the scheduled start. A lot of the work on recurring invoices in this release was done behind the scenes, with a complete re-write of the generation logic.

Other House Cleaning

Here’s a complete list of updates for v16 of Sprout Invoices:

  • New: Zapier Support
  • New: Recurring invoices re-write
  • New: ApproveMe integration support for Default Theme
  • New: Client set payments supoort for new Default Theme
  • New: Allow to easily filter default line item
  • New: Square support
  • Updated: Subscription payments, new information
  • Updated: PO, Localization
  • Updated: Free version now necessary
  • Fix: WooCommerce customer not logged in
  • Fix: Payment terms display issue
  • Fix: WooCommerce Checkout w/ Shipping

Happy Halloween! ??

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention…