Sprout Invoices Pricing & Bundles Changes! Oh yeah, it’s Cyber Monday Too.


Hopefully you’re recovering from an excellently long holiday weekend with family and friends. Now you get to dig through a bunch of Cyber Monday emails, including this post about a new release and sneakily about the new pricing.

What about the latest release

If you’ve already updated to the latest pro version of Sprout Invoices you may have noticed a more feature rich version, especially if you have a Business License. That’s because with the release of v16.5 there are no more individual add-ons 1, instead everything is bundled.

Here’s what you would see if you had the Business License

Yes, that’s every add-on and every payment processor, the marketplace is no longer.

How about those that already have a Freelancer license

There’s a quick and easy way for you to upgrade now, here’s some documentation. Although here’s a visual example of how it works, just head over to your account page.

New Pricing?

Yes, it’s true that I care and appreciate all of you existing customers but new users are gonna pay a little less than you may have 2, sorry about that ?‍♂️, it was an essential adjustment. That said you did get a bunch of add-ons you weren’t expecting ?, and if you didn’t than upgrading is cheaper 3.

Tell your friends about that new pricing.

Please help spread the news that Sprout Invoices is cheaper, and more feature rich than any other invoicing plugin for WordPress (arguably any invoice software). All licenses are temporarily discounted 20% plus you can earn 15% from their purchase too via the affiliates program.


  1. The PDF add-on is still separate because of it’s file size.
  2. If you’ve purchased recently than let me know via support and I’ll provide a pro-rated refund for the difference, otherwise I’ll take the extra money and buy someone a beer at WCUS this week.
  3. If you really have an issue with this please let me know, I want to make things right.