Sprout Billings Receives Improved Partial Payment Support


Today’s release updates bring full Partial Payments support to Sprout Billings!

For those already familiar with how Sprout Invoices’ add-on of Partial Payments works this isn’t going to be news to you. However you may want to have a look at how Sprout Billings can provide the ability for your clients to easily pay their invoices via stored payment sources, and allows you to automatically bill your clients with those saved payment profiles. Making getting paid much easier.

For the Sprout Billings users waiting for a better way of accepting partial payments from your clients, here’s how it works.

When creating your invoice you’ll have the options to: set the amount due now (AKA the Deposit amount), set a new due date for when the initial deposit payment is made, and set a minimum payment amount for all payments.

Here’s how it would look for your clients.

These updates provide Sprout Invoices with a lot of new core flexibility. So expect some new add-ons in the near future!