Sprout Invoices v6.0 Released


I’d love to have started this post off trying to fool you about how v6.0 includes a spaceship with every purchase or Sprout Apps was acquired by Dodgers 1, instead I’ll keep my limited humor in check and try my best to not bore you with the details.

v6.0 is a rather large release for us, with 20+ minor improvements and three major new features.

Zapier Integration 

The highlight of v6.0 is how it can now easily connect with over 300+ other apps around the web. If you wanted a real world example of how Zapier can work in your workflow checkout our post on how to automatically create a Basecamp project when an Estimate in Sprout Invoices is accepted. Let me know (contact form, support, or twitter) on how you plan to use the Zapier integration.

CSV Importing

CSV imported is something that actually snuck into an earlier version, it was unannounced and unfinished but we needed some testers to have complete access. Now it’s finished and includes a lot more than what you might have originally seen. Anything you’d like to import via CSV that isn’t included? We can definitely extend it a bit more, i.e. time importing.

Toggl Integration

If you’re using a time tracking tool and haven’t seen/tested out Toggl you owe it to yourself to demo it. The Sprout Invoices integration syncs time between SI and Toggl, it’s not just a one-way-sync.

Complete Changelog

  • NEW: Zapier Integration (pro version)
  • NEW: CSV Importing
  • NEW: Toggl Integration (pro version)
  • NEW: Filter for payment reminder delay, si_get_overdue_payment_reminder_delay (pro version)
  • NEW: Invoice that is voided will have a new stamp plus the user can’t pay
  • NEW: Allow for blank terms and notes with [si_blank] shortcode
  • Improvement: API Updates for Future Release
  • Improvement: CSV Importing of estimates and line items (with examples)
  • Improvement: View logs adjustment to prevent duplication
  • Improvement: Adjust Estimate/Invoice ID after clone
  • Improvement: Confirmation page template updated
  • Improvement: Handle payments better when invoice is deleted
  • FIX: Redactor bug fixes when used within modal
  • FIX: Client dashboard: multiple clients for a single user (pro version)
  • FIX: Cloned Estimates/Invoices shouldn’t retain the same status
  • FIX: Send estimates/invoices when saved if recipient is selected
  • FIX: Project Estimates and Invoices on Project admin adjusted
  • FIX: Payment date should be post_date