The Ultimate Timer – Toggl Integrates with Sprout Invoices


Why build a Toggl integration at all?

To be completely honest I don’t use Toggl or any time tracking service, I haven’t had the need for time tracking for at least five years. It’s one of the reasons why Sprout Invoices was so slow to include time tracking, “I just didn’t get it” and I wanted to make sure I built something people would enjoy using. During the process of interviewing Sprout Invoice customers on what they needed out of time tracking, Toggl was mentioned a lot.

The Toggl is an awesome tool, fully-featured and it offers something that we can’t build right now — native desktop and mobile apps.

I really think a service like Toggl, with its open API and seamless integration can improve the Sprout Invoices workflow for anyone requiring time tracking without complication things by juggling SI and another service. For that reason, it’s why this integration came to be.

If you’re not familiar with Toggl, I can wait, I should have convinced you already to go check it out…I’ll wait…It’s really an inspiring service for its user experience and design.

How does the integration work?

It’s rather simple. Enter your API key and select the Toggl Workspace. Enter your time within Toggl and/or SI and the two can be synced up.

Integration Details

  • Projects created within Sprout Invoices can be instantly created at Toggl.
  • Time logged within Sprout Invoices can be instantly created at Toggl.
  • Time logged at Toggl can be imported into the associated Sprout Invoice project.
  • Imported time will allow for an assigned activity.

The example below shows the creation of a new project within Sprout Invoices:

Create a project in Srout Invoices and Toggl

…and the project instantly created within Toggl:

Project is automatically created

Time logged within Toggl…

Log time with toggl

…can be imported to the Sprout Invoices project.

Time imported from togle with activity selection

Finally, time logged in Sprout Invoices can be instantly added to Toggl…

Time added automatically

I admit we could do a lot more but I would like to hear from you all first. If you’re a Toggl user please let us know how we can improve the integration, and if you’re not what’s holding you back.

Note: If you’re not familiar with how easy it is to create invoices from your tracked time, from Toggl, or not, check out the release post.