The Ultimate Timer – Toggl Integrates with Sprout Invoices


Why build a Toggl integration at all?

Toggl is a time tracking software that fits into existing workflows. Using Toggl’s time management hub can never be easier to track time. Having, time tracking and invoicing you can import time spent into your invoices. Sprout Invoices projects can record the time spend on a project and import this into Toggl.
Toggl is an awesome tool, it offers something that provides an integrated experience. Toggl is native to desktop and mobile apps. Sprout Invoices already processes the payments for you. Toggl allows you to track time and automate the time your employees spend on projects.
With a service like Toggl, you can improve Sprout Invoices. By using a workflow by providing time tracking and invoicing. Anyone requiring time tracking without complicating things by juggling SI and another service. For that reason, it’s why this integration came to be.
If you’re not familiar with Toggl, let us explain how Toggl can benefit. Toggl provides easy time tracking to projects in Sprout Invoices.

How does the Toggl integration work?

It’s rather simple. Enter your API key and select the Toggl Workspace. Enter your time within Toggl and/or SI and the two can be synced up.

Time Tracking and Invoicing Integration Details

  • Projects created within Sprout Invoices can be created at Toggl.
  • Time logged within Sprout Invoices can be created at Toggl.
  • Time logged at Toggl can be imported into the associated Sprout Invoice project.
  • Imported time will allow for an assigned activity.

The example below shows the creation of a new project within Sprout Invoices:

Create a project in Srout Invoices and Toggl

…and the project is instantly created within Toggl:

Project is automatically created

Time logged within Toggl…

Log time with toggl

…can be imported to the Sprout Invoices project.

Time imported from togle with activity selection

Finally, time logged in Sprout Invoices can be instantly added to Toggl…

Time added automatically

If you want to check out all the features Toggle can do you can check out their feature list here: Toggle Features

I admit we could do a lot more but I would like to hear from you all first. If you’re a Toggl user please let us know how we can improve the integration, and if you’re not what’s holding you back.

Note: If you’re not familiar with how easy it is to create invoices from your tracked time, from Toggl, or not, check out the release post.

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