Two New Sprout Invoices Add-ons!


Sprout Invoices received two new add-ons earlier this week; one for Advanced Invoice (and Estimate) ID Generation, the other for organizing clients by Client Types.

A common support request from SI users has been “how do I control the invoice/estimate ids?”; since a lot of countries (and businesses) require a specific ID format/scheme, over the years I’ve ended up building dozens of custom filters and referencing them via priority support. Regardless of how easy (I think) adding a filter and modifying it is, nothing can beat some options on a WordPress admin page. Advanced ID Generation allows you to build your own ID schema/format easily, with plenty of available options.

Options that include: sequence with a starting point, current count for the day or month, dates, and counts. See them all below:
Advanced ID Generation

The Client Types is a simple add-on that will allow you to assign a client to a particular type. Types can also be distinguished by color,  allowing for clients to be easily distinguishable within the admin. Also available is an integration with the Advanced ID Generation add-on, so that client types can have their individualized id format.

colorful clients