PDF Service for WordPress Invoices & Estimates

Adds a “Print to PDF” button on your invoices and estimates.

WooCommerce Invoicing Integration

WooCommerce Integration to allow for customers to Pay Later.

Client Dashboard for Invoices and Estimates

The Client Dashboard is a way for your clients to view pending estimates, view invoice and payment history, and what’s due.

Invoice Payment Terms: Simple Payment Scheduling

Easily schedule invoice payments and assess past due fees.

Stripe Payments – Secure Credit Card Payments for your Invoices

Stripe Payments for your WordPress invoices – Get paid faster. Secure credit card payments without the hassle.

Legally Binding Digital Signatures with WP E-Signature

Note: The WP E-Signature integration is available to Business license holders only. A WP E-Signature Business license is also required since the Stand Alone documents add-on is needed.

Cash App for Sprout Invoices

Square Cash is allows for free cash payments, it’s fast and extremely easy to setup.

Digital Document Signing for WordPress Invoices & Estimates

Digital Document Signing for Sprout Invoices

Paystack Gateway for Sprout Invoices

Paystack helps businesses in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world

Estimate Ranges

Set a range for your estimate line items, showing a min/max amount to your clients.

Partial Payments and Deposits

Allows for clients to set a payment amount between the minimum deposit and the invoice balance.

2Checkout Payments

Accept Payments. Globally
Accept Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards

Braintree Payments for Venmo and PayPal

Collect payments on your WordPress invoices with Venmo and PayPal

WooCommerce Product Import

Import WooCommerce products into your invoices in seconds.

Service/Convenience Fees (per Payment Processor)

Allows for a service fee to be added based on the payment method chosen.

Project Management with Project Panorama

Project Panorama is a fully featured Project Management solution for WordPress.

Advanced ID Generation

Advanced ID Generation allows dynamic control over invoice (and estimate) IDs.

Sprout Billings

Allow clients to store payment profiles for automatic billing & future payments. Uses Authorize.net CIM & includes ACH payments.

Downloadable Attachments for Invoices (and Estimates)

Attach any type of file to your invoices and estimates for your client to view/download.

ESP Invoicing Requirements (IVA & IRPF) & Customizations

Provides IVA & IRPF tax options and additional customizations for legal requirements.

Departments – Report Filtering

Select a “department” for each estimate/invoice to enable filtering on your reports.

ESP Invoicing Requirements (IRPF Only) & Customizations

Provides IRPF tax options and additional customizations for legal requirements.

EU Invoicing Requirements & Customizations

Provides EU Invoicing Requirements including Tax Rules

Estimate Acceptance Actions

Setup the invoice generated from estimate acceptance; redirect to newly created invoice.

Australian Invoicing Requirements & Customizations

If you’re an Australian Sprout Invoices user than this add-on is for you!

Protected Invoices & Estimates Advanced

Protect your invoices and estimates by forcing clients to login or use a customizable password.

Pre-defined Line Items

Pre-define line items with descriptions, amount, qty, and % to speed up the entire estimate and invoice process.

Estimate/Invoice Line Item Commenting

Get feedback from your clients on your estimates is critical, and line item commenting helps drastically.

Recurring/Subscription Invoice Payments

Invoices can have Recurring/Subscription payments can be added to the client’s initial invoice payment.

HTML Notifications

Adds beautifully designed HTML notification templates to Sprout Invoices.

Recurring Invoices

Recurring Invoices provides a way for you to generate new invoices on a schedule.