Better Payment Scheduling with Recurring Payment Terms


Instead of cramming all of the changes from the latest version of Sprout Invoices into a single post we’re going to do something a bit different. We’ve created a series of posts to highlight the major changes. Today I’ll be talking about Recurring Payment Terms.

If you’re not familiar yet with Payment Terms I suggest reading Payment Terms: Simple Invoice Payment Scheduling and if you’re ready to start testing it out have a look at the documentation. Better yet you can watch below how Chris will make Frankie pay his bills!

What about Recurring Payment Terms?

For example, instead of creating a payment term for each month you want your client to pay you can create a single recurring payment term that will repeat until the balance of the invoice is paid in full.

In the short clip below I’m creating a monthly payment term that will start in May, using the shortcode {m} to display the due dates month.

What will happen is on May 15th a new payment term will be created if the invoice has a balance. The new payment term (since {m} is being used) will show the label of “Monthly Payment for June”, which is the next month.

That’s Recurring Payment Terms. In a future post I’ll round up some other Payment Terms updates, including default payment terms.