Limiting Payment Types by Payment Amount


As a continuation of our series to highlight some of the major new features of Sprout Invoices, today I’m happy to review a much requested feature allowing for payment processors to be limited by the payment amount.

This add-on’s intent is to save you money on those payment processor fees. Those fees that look unbearable when a client makes a large payment. Now you can limit their ability to make that $1,000 credit card payment, and instead push them to use an ACH payment which may only cost you a dollar in transaction fees.

You can really see this feature shine when combined with Partial Payments and Deposits. Providing your client with options to pay a certain amount for their invoice is highly recommended Allowing your clients to know what

This is what it may look like for your client as he’s choosing the payment amount. As you can see PayPal and Credit Card payments are limited by the payment amount.

While our focus at Sprout Invoices is to help you get paid faster, we also want to help you make the most money from your hard work.