New Gravity Forms Integration for Invoices and Estimate Submissions


The integration for Sprout Invoices and Gravity Forms has been completely re-written, using the GS add-on API. Now you’ll be able to create an invoice, estimate, or just a client record more easily. Here are some of the key changes:

Multi-form Support

Now you can have multiple forms on your site that will create invoices, estimates, or client records.

Pre-defined Line Items & Gravity Forms Product Support

Now you’re able to add pre-defined line items to your forms, very similar to the invoice submission add-on, however now you’re allowed to use Gravity From products instead.

More Mapping Options

Now you’re able allow the submitter to enter their VAT number, and/or enter an invoice/estimate id…there are a lot of new fields to map.

It’s Easy

Everything should be fairly simple and straightforward with this new plugin integration. No longer will you need to copy of field ids from one settings page to another, now you just map the fields, save, and start collecting new invoices (or estimates).

Go Download It!

The plugin is a download within the WordPress directory, so you can download it directly from their site or search for it within your plugins admin.