Sprout Invoices 2.0: Projects & Time Tracking


Sprout Invoices 2.0 (more on that versioning later) will be released in the coming weeks and I’d like to give you a sneak peak at one of the most important new screens. In the video below you’ll notice a new Projects management page with time being entered and activities being managed. Check it out.

Having Projects is a huge jump for Sprout Invoices, since projects provide a way to implement some major features, including Time Tracking. At the moment Projects are intentionally lightweight, that way they can be extended easily; possible future add-ons and core features may include project management, budgeting, team management and more. When it comes down to it, Projects are simply a way to connect your clients to getting paid. That’s why the first extension of Projects is Time Tracking.

Some of the UI views for Time tracking are still being built but you can see by the video that there is a focus on making time tracking fast and easy to do. This includes creating invoices based on time that has yet to be billed.

If you have any time tracking requests make sure to get in touch, this is definitely the time for your opinions to have an impact.

Sprout Invoices 2.0 will be a big update and will not only include Projects and Time Tracking, just a few:

  • Improved Client management
  • Easier user assignment and creation for Clients
  • Streamlined Invoice and Estimate edit UI
  • Freshened editing and management all around
  • New possibilities for add-ons

So what’s up with the versioning since 1.2 was slated not 2.0?

Using the WordPress versioning scheme for Sprout Apps made sense until it didn’t 1. So, from now Sprout Apps will be using major.minor.patch/security, instead of (major inc).major.minor.patch/security which made silly versions like


  1. Maybe I’ll discuss this on my blog at some point.