What Else Does Sprout Invoices 19.8 Bring?


I wrote a few posts highlighting some of the major features of our latest release of Sprout Invoices, if you haven’t read them don’t worry I’ll quickly review them below along with the updates and features I hadn’t yet covered.

Recurring Payment Terms

Create a recurring payment term that repeats every month until your invoice is all paid up. A great way to create a payment schedule for those clients with large invoices. Here’s a quick clip of creating a recurring payment term.

Read more about Recurring Payment Terms here.

Interest Rates Payment Term

When your client needs a bit more motivation to pay sooner rather than later an interest fee can be automatically added to an invoice every month, on a date you specify. Here’s a screenshot of those new options.

Default Payment Terms

Another added feature for payment terms is the ability to set default payment terms, which can be easily imported into your invoices.

Payment Processor Limits

Save on payment processor fees by limiting payment options by the payment amount, pushing your clients to pay with the lowest transaction fees, i.e. ACH payments.

Here’s what is would look like for your clients when choosing their payment amount.

Here’s the post I wrote a couple days ago that covers this in more detail.

Require Terms of Service Agreement

Need a way to have your clients agree to your terms of service before paying? Here’s an add-on that can make that happen. Here’s a clip of it in action.

I wrote about this a bit more here.

What Else?

  • Payments Admin Updated
  • New Payment Term Shortcodes, payment_term_min_due and payment_term_min_due_date
  • Set Line Item Type with “Line Item Type” with CSV Import
  • A few minor bug fixes, and updates.

Hope you’re impressed with this release, we are. As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.